Quang Vinh and Lê Uyên Nhy on Dien Anh Thanh Pho magazine. Check out the really fun contest about the rumor on April's fool day

Quang Vinh and Lê Uyên Nhy make the video 'Cho phone cua em' for HCMC television

+ TV show: 'Giai Ði?u Tình Yêu' will be re-aired on HTV7 on March_23rd. Be sure to turn on your TV set on time!

+ Quang Vinh will perform in Hang Phim Tre 2 year anniverary show, ' Suc Tre Mua Xuan'. The show will be placed at Dam Sen park.

+ QV is really excited to perform at Le Qui Don high school on this day, at 8 AM. Be ready to get really close to him there? Go and get tickets at the school today!


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